Black Royce-Aka Ruari Dubh
also the earl of Morvern.

RoyceBorn: 572, possibly in Argyll, Scotland. Six foot two inches tall, medium skin, bronzed, dark blond/gold hair, gray eyes, approximate weight, two hundred and ten pounds.

Age: unknown.

Family History: Parents-Unknown, presumed deceased. Wife--presumed deceased. Possibly named Brighde. Brother—Brogan Mor**, deceased. Nephew—Malcolm of Dunroch.**

Current status: He is believed to be a Master of the unnamed and clandestine Brotherhood.

His mission—protect the Healer from the demons and the royals and if possible, locate the Cladich, last seen in 1007 on the Isle of Iona. * See attached files

Last seen: September 6, 2007, Carrick Castle, Morvern, Scotland, at 6:15 pm

Last updateD, September 6, 2007.


Born: 1982 in Manhattan, NY. Five foot tall, 99 pounds, dark hair, dark eyes, medium complexion. Age—25.

Family History: Father—William Monroe—financier and philanthropist.(Fortune 500). Mother—Elizabeth Monroe, missing and presumed dead. Brother—Alexander Monroe.

Personal History: Status—possibly engaged to Brian Curtis. Active Relationships—best friends, the sisters Tabitha and Sam Lewes, and Brianna Lewes*. See attached files.

Occupation: Director of the Elizabeth Foundation

**She is believed to have supernatural healing powers.**

Current status—Missing. Priority level—8.

Last seen—September 5, 2007, the Monroe Estate, South Hampton, NY, 2:15 am.

Last Updated-October 1, 2007

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