Ian Maclean, the Baron of Awe

Born 1427 in the Highlands of Scotland. Six foot three, fair complexion, gray eyes, dark hair, approximately two hundred and ten pounds. Abducted in 1436 and initially presumed dead.

AGE: unknown

Family History—Father—Aidan of Awe**. A nephew of Malcolm of Dunroch**. Mother—unknown. Status—Single. Occupation—private investments. Primary residence—Loch Awe, Scotland.

Current status—On the Most Wanted Lists of Scotland Yard and Interpol for the theft of various works of art around the world.

Last seen—he is currently residing at 1101 Park Avenue, New York, NY, and was last seen on July 19, 2008, leaving One Hemmer House *Read attached filesstamp


Samantha (Sam) Rose

Born: 1981 in upstate NY. Five foot five inches tall, 138 pounds, dark hair, blue eyes.

Age: 28

Family History: Father—James Comines, deceased. Mother—Laura Rose, deceased. Sister, Tabitha Rose**, b. 1979, MIT. Cousin, Brianna Rose*, MIT. Both women are known to be alive.

Personal History: Status—single. Active Relationships—none

Occupation: Sam Rose* is employed by HCU as a field agent. *Read attached files

Mission—maintain surveillance on Ian Maclean 24/7 and if possible, recover the page.

Alert-Under all circumstances the page cannot fall into demonic hands.