Attached Files—Ian Maclean, the Baron of Awe

Ian Maclean was abducted by the demon Moray in 1436, and he was held in demonic captivity for 66 years. All records indicate that he has been highly compromised by six decades of torture and abuse. He is not one of the Brethren. His loyalties remain suspicious. He currently has stolen the page of illusion (from the Duisean) and will sell it to the highest bidder if not stopped by Friday at midnight.

Warning 1--Maclean is unpredictable and extremely dangerous. He has no loyalties and no friends. He has not ties to his family. He has proven many times that he has nothing to lose, not even his own life.

Warning 2—Proceed with the assumption that Maclean has every possible power and will use them against all forces of good and evil to attain his own ends.

Alert—He is not one of the Brethren and can be sacrificed for recovery of the page.

*CDA agent or employee ** a Master or otherwise affiliated with the Brotherhood ***evil in any form






Attached Files—Samantha (Sam) Rose

Sam Rose was a vigilante Slayer before becoming an agent at HCU. Her only personal life involved vigilante activities with her sister Tabitha and cousin Brie, both currently classified as MIT, as well as a friend, Allie Monroe, who currently resides in Carrick, Scotland. There is some question as to Agent Rose’s objectivity in her current assignment; records indicate several previous and hostile interactions with Maclean in Scotland last year. However, Agent Rose has yet to fail to accomplish her mission. Agent Rose’s loyalty to CDA is unquestionable.

Note—Agent Rose has an active sexual life. There are no relationships, however. Involvement with Maclean is suspected and must be monitored.

*CDA agent or employee **A Master or otherwise affiliated with the Brotherhood ***evil in any form

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