Black Royce-Aka Ruari Dubh also the earl of Morvern

Born: 572, possibly in Argyll, Scotland. Six foot two inches tall, medium skin, bronzed, dark blond/gold hair, gray eyes, approximate weight, two hundred and ten pounds.

AGE: Unknown

Family History—Parents—Unknown, presumed deceased.
Wife—presumed deceased. Possibly named Brighde. Brother —Brogan Mor**, deceased. Nephew—Malcolm of Dunroch.**

Current status—He is believed to be a Master of the unnamed and clandestine Brotherhood..

His mission: protect the Healer from the demons and the royals and if possible, locate the Cladich, last seen in 1007 on the Isle of Iona. *Read Attached Files

Last seen: September 6, 2007, Carrick Castle, Morvern, Scotland, at 6:15 pmstamp




Born: 1982 in Manhattan, NY. Five foot tall, 99 pounds, dark hair, dark eyes, medium complexion.

Age: 25

Family History: Father—William Monroe—financier and philanthropist. (Fortune 500). Mother—Elizabeth Monroe, missing and presumed dead. Brother—Alexander Monroe.

Personal History: Status—possibly engaged to Brian Curtis. Active Relationships—best friends, the sisters Tabitha and Sam Rose, and Brianna Rose *Read Attached Files

Occupation: Director of the Elizabeth Foundation

**She is believed to have supernatural healing powers.**

Current status: Missing. Priority level—1.

Last seen: September 5, 2007, the Monroe Estate, South Hampton, NY, 2:15 am.