Dark Seduction
The Masters Of Time
Brenda Joyce

On Sale May 2007
ISBN-10: 0373772335

Dark Seduction BookcoverI AM CLAIRE
Character Monologue

I am Claire Camden. I am twenty-eight years old, single, with a Masters degree in Medieval European History, and I have a very successful business selling old and rare books.

When I was ten years old, my mother went out to the corner store and never came back. She was murdered for the small change in her purse. I have repressed the memory of that endless night, which is just fine with me. I live above my bookstore and I have a state of the art security system because the crime rate in the city is out of control. Society is breaking down. I am sort of a hermit. I work hard by day and pretty much stay in at night. I don't like the night. Never have! Never will!

But my life has just been blown to hell. My store has been broken into, ransacked, and maybe burglarized—and a medieval Highlander has abducted me.

His name is Malcolm of Dunroch. He's not a nut—he's the real deal—a Highland laird. Except I have figured out that he belongs to a secret warrior society, one with pretty pagan beliefs, and he has sworn to protect innocence through the ages. He wants to protect me!

Malcolm Of Dunroch I am getting a really bad feeling about life in the fifteenth century-and I do not want to know the truth.

I have to stay focused. I am getting home come hell or high water, but I need Malcolm to stay alive right now. Everyone seems to be fighting over holy relics, and somehow I am caught in the middle. I admit I'm scared. On the other hand, I am having pretty lewd thoughts about my protector. My host is the hunk of all ages. Malcolm is frigging gorgeous—and he knows it. As arrogant as he is, I know he's right—he is god's gift to women in bed, I have not a doubt.

I'm not into casual sex. Never had a one-night stand. I'm into the whole falling in love thing. So I have a problem, because I am not falling in love with a medieval macho man. And that means I have to avoid his considerable magnetism, his powers of persuasion and seduction, except, damn it, I don't even want to!

I guess the good news is that as virile as he is, he's decided he'll hurt me if we sleep together. I have a reprieve and I should be relieved, not disappointed. Besides, tomorrow we are going to Dunroch and then Iona. I am living Highland history now and I need to take advantage of this amazing opportunity, because when it is safe, I am going home and Malcolm will be a crazy and sexy memory…Right?




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